Serpent Demon Bifrons 21 South of Southern Entrance to Wasteland
Greyclaw Kutus 23 Southeast of Oracle of Dawn
Unrequited Kael 24 Southwest of Gludio Castle Town
Ikuntai 25 West of Abandoned Camp
Pan Dryad 25 Southeast of Patriot’s Necropolis
Princess Molrang 25 South of Ascetics Necropolis
Zombie Lord Crowl 25 Northwest of Maille Lizardman Barracks
Tirak 28 Northwest of Ruins of Agon
Elf Renoa 29 Southwest of Elven Fortress
Agent of Beres, Meana 30 South of Patriot’s Necropolis
Apepi 30 Northeast Field of Silence
Cat’s Eye Bandit 30 Abandoned Camp
Katu Mercenary Boss 30 Northeast of Gludio Castle
Langk Matriarch Rashkos 30 Northwest of Forgotten Temple
Ragraman 30 Southwest Partisan Hideaway
Vuku Grand Seer Gharmash 33 East of Gludio Castle
Breka Warlock Pastu 34 Western edge of Wastelands
Cronos’s Servitor Mumu 34 Northwest of Saint’s Necropolis
Chertuba of Great Soul 35 Outside of Oracle of Dawn
Flame Lord Shadar 35 Southeast of Oracle of Dusk
Remmel 35 Northwest of Floran Village
Sejarr’s Servitor 35 Northeast of Ant Nest (outside Wasteland)
Tasaba Patriarch Hellena 35 South of Giran Castle Town (over bridge)
Lizardmen Leader Hellion 38 South of Cruma Tower
Leader of Cat Gang 39 Southwest of Dion
Retreat Spider Cletu 39 Southwest of Necropoilis of Sacrifice
Icarus Sample 1 40 Southeast Partisan Hideaway
Shaman King Selu 40 Northwest Orc Barracks
Wizard of Storm Teruk 40 Northwest of Catacomb of the Branded
Soul Collector Acheron 42 East of Dion Castle Town
Barion 43 Southeast of Floran Village
Earth Protector Panathen 43 Southeast of Saints Necropolis
Rotten Tree Repiro 44 Northeast Sea of Spores
Taik Orc Chief Ranger 44 Northeast of Giran Castle
Carnage Lord Gato 45 Northwestern Death Pass
Partisan Leader Talakin 45 Northeast Partisan Hideaway
Stakato Queen Zyrnna 45 Northeast of Cruma Tower
Tiger King Karuta 45 Northeast of Giran
Warden of the Execution Ground, Guilotine 45 Northeast in Execution Grounds (Pit)
Captain of Red Flag Shaka 48 West of Border Outpost
Karte 49 Northeast of Death Pass
Ketra Van Leader Atui 49 North of Hardin’s Academy (Across the River)
Cursed Clara 50 Northeast of Heine
Ghost of Peasant Leader 50 Southeast of Tanor Canyon
Iron Giant Totem 50 Northwest of Ivory Tower
King Tarlk 50 Northeast of Ivory Tower
Leto Chief Talkin 50 Southwest of Oren
Messenger of Fairy Queen Berun 50 Northeast of Giran (Next to DV)
Shacram 50 East of Hunters Village
Water Couatle Ateka 50 Northwest Alligator Island
Atraiban 53 Northwest of Hunters Village
Sebek 54 Northeast Alligator Island
Unicorn Paniel 54 Southwest of ToI
Beleth’s Seer Sephia 55 Middle of Wasteland
Crazy Mechanic Golem 55 West of Narsell Lake
Enchanted Forest Watcher Ruell 55 Enchanted Valley
Pagan Watcher Cerberon 55 Catacomb of the Apostate
Sorcerer Isirr 55 Northwest of Catacomb of the Apostate
Verfa 55 East of Oren Castle
Witch Wimere 55 Cave Southeast of Swampland
Timak Seer Ragoth 57 East of Sea of Spores
Biconne of Blue Sky 58 West of Oren
Refugee Hopeful Leo 58 Western Blazing Swamp
Soulless Wild Boar 59 Southwest Forest of Mirrors
Fafurion’s Page Sika 60 North of Heine
Giant Marpanak 60 Eastern Forsaken Plains
Taik High Prefect Arak 60 Eastern part of The Cemetary
Roaring Lord Kastor 62 Southwest of Bandit Stronghold
Ghost of the Well Lidia 63 North of Devasted Castle
Harit Hero Tamash 64 South of Angel Waterfalls
Ancient Weird Drake 65
Dragon Guy 65 Islands South of Giran Castle
Eva’s Guardian Millenu 65 Garden of Eva
Fierce Tiger King Angel 65 North of Anghell Waterfall
Gargoyle Lord Tiphon 65 Southwest Silent Valley
Hekaton Prime 65 Eastern Middle Entrance to Giants Cave
Rahha 65 Northern Blazing Swamp
Observer 66 Islands South of Giran Castle
Malruk’s Witch Sekina 67 East of Hardin’s Academy
Nightmare Drake 67 Northeast of Narsell Lake
Bloody Priest Rudelto 69 Left side of DVC
Korim 69 6F ToI
Anakim’s Nemesis Zakaron 70 Catacomb of the Witch
Beast Lord Behemoth 70 West of Narsell Lake
Giant Caterpillar 70 Islands South of Giran Castle
Palibati Queen Themis 70 Middle of Forbidden Gateway
Roaring Skylancer 70 Mountain West of Narsell Lake
Shilen’s Messenger Cabrio 70 Northeast Cemetary
Vanor Chief Kandra 72 West of Aden Castle Town
Death Lord Hallate 73 3F ToI
Doom Blade Tanatos 73 Northern Ancient Battlegrounds
Giant Tiger 73 Islands South of Giran Castle
Last Lesser Giant Olkuth 73 Inside Easternmost Entrance of GC
Antharas Priest Cloe 74 Right side in DVC past donut room
Bloody Empress Decarbia 75 Northern Forbidden Gateway
Death Lord Ipos 75 East Edge of Blazing Swamp
Death Lord Shax 75 Disciples Necropolis
Kernon 75 8F ToI
Storm Winged Naga 75 North East of Ivory Tower
Vermilion, Blood Tree 75 Southeast of ToI
Last Lesser Giant Glaki 78 2nd to Last Room in GC
Spirit of Andras, the Betrayer 78 South of Devastated Castle
Fire of Wrath Shuriel 79 11F ToI
Longhorn Golkonda 79 11F ToI
Anakim 80 Disciple’s Necropolis (if Dusk wins)
Lilith 80 Disciple’s Necropolis (if Dawn wins)

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